Desire Pole Options

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Anodised aluminium alloy pole (silver) complete with top cap (colours optional).

3600mm total including up to 700mm for below ground.

Built-in-channels accept our infill strips,  flag angles and stainless steel fixing bolts to attach cases etc – no steel banding is needed.

Approved by Structural Engineers  Suitable for solar power or mains electricity.



Infill Strips

Choice of coloured plastic infill strips to fill in channels and customise pole.



Underground Socket

The aluminium socket has been designed to withstand most pole impacts, preventing the need to re-excavate when replacing a pole. The rear bolt clamps the pole into the socket. A small piece of aluminium angle covers the bolt-head across the top and down the back. The bottom edge of this cover determines the ground level and leaves 45mm of the socket above ground to allow easy access to the bolt, alternatively, the socket can be fitted flush to the ground provided the pole is secured before final surfacing.

£52.00 (600mm long)



Durable 4.5mm PVC plain flag with 600mm x 300mm wide visible area.

POA for Dibond alternative.

POA for other sizes.

POA for customized printing.

£9.00 (plain flag)


Flag Fittings

Includes anodised flag angles (flag length) plus bolts to fix the flag inbetween.

Flag angles are held under pressure within the pole channels as the flag is bolted into position.

£16.00 (for 600mm flag length)


Timetable Case

Choose from our extensive range of  bus stop timetable cases.

Up to 4 cases per pole.

Variable heights and widths.

from £47.00


Case Fittings (single case)

4.5mm pvc spacer panel for  inbetween case and Desire pole (allows removal of timetable case bottom cap).

Fixing bolts included.



Case Fittings (multiple cases)

2 Cases are bolted on in V formation via holes in rigid aluminium bracket. Front edges of cases can meet or overlap.

This same bracket is used for both 3 case and 4 case brackets. Rear flat bar and round strengthening bar are removable to allow easy fixing to pole. The flat bar faces inwards on 3 case bracket and outwards on a 4 case. Cases are bolted on via holes in the bracket.

£51.00 per pair (2 case bracket)

£67.00 per pair (3 – 4 case bracket)


Stand ID Plate

Height 121mm.

Width is tapered 108mm to 82mm.

POA for other sizes.

£11.50 (plain)

£3.00 per side (letter/no.)


Roadside Sign Bracket

Supports ‘No Waiting’ signs etc.

Reversible bracket can be pop-riveted to the back or front of pole.

Standard size 101mm high x 227mm wide POA for other sizes.

£15.10 (standard size)